Assetlyst is important to lenders because you need to know and have an understanding of each property under consideration for lending and other purposes and you need to know the market and market trends for each property type. As we move into the future, data and technology will be providing valuable insights into your activities. Assetlyst is able to meet your needs as follows:

  1. See all listings of commercial real estate in one location including sales and leases. There is no service that provides this currently. We work with all agents and owners in every market across the United States to bring the listing information to you on one platform. Included with the listing information, tools will be provided to allow you to analyze the listing data to see trends.
  2. The Sold Database will show all sales that have occurred in your market for every property type. Included will be as many lease transactions for commercial property that we can obtain. You will also have tools for the Sold Database to analyze the data.
  3. Economic and Demographic Data. Our service will provide reliable and up to date information to help you analyze your market. Included in this will be cell phone tracking/mobility data to allow you to understand exactly how consumers are behaving at every property.
  4. Valuation Tool: With the extensive amount of data we are collecting, this valuation tool will assess and value your property automatically.
  5. Property Management Software Service. Track leases, income, and expenses on a property. This also provides forecasting and projections.