AssetLyst is the nation’s most robust and efficient platform to provide appraisal software and data services. Our appraisal software, combined with the extensive amount of property, economic, and demographic data, will allow you to complete a full narrative appraisal on most property types in hours. Our software will analyze the property and market trends occurring in your market and assist you in making conclusions. Other services to you:

  1. Marketplace/Listing. All listings in your marketplace shown on our service to allow you to see everything available without having to search in many other places. This saves you time and provides analytics tools to help you spot trends in your market.
  2. Property Data. We collect property information, sales, and lease/tenant information on every commercial property in your market. We are also in the process of collecting other types of property data that will help you in comparable information.
  3. Economic and Demographic Data. Our service will provide reliable and up to date information to help you analyze your market. Included in this will be cell phone tracking/mobility data to allow you to understand exactly how consumers are behaving at every property.
  4. Mobile Application: the mobile application will allow you to easily and quickly roll through sections of an appraisal and input any necessary information.You can complete an appraisal on your phone while attending any function!